Vegan recipe : Savory Crêpe, Take your taste buds to Brittany!


Traditional Galettes (Crêpes) from Brittany are a top option when you go to restaurants in France for Vegans.

Clickez ici pour la version française.

So why not bring the taste of Brittany into your home?
A quick and easy recipe to whip up. Perfect for an evening meal after a busy day.
Are you hungry, You don't want to be in the kitchen for hours? But you are looking for something tasty?

This afternoon, after seeing a friends photo from Brittany, I had a craving for Buckwheat Crêpes. I spent the afternoon thinking about our last trip to Brittany with my honey last summer. Such beautiful landscapes and great nights' out in local restaurants. It didn't take more than that for me to stop off at the grocery store on my way home from the office to get everything I needed.

Galette Bretonne : The ingredients

The ingredients :
Organic Buckwheat crêpes.
Organic Tofu.
Mushrooms ( I prefer the brown ones )
Spinach leaves.
Parsley, salt, and mixed herbs.

Galette Bretonne : Tools you need.

Tools you need.
Cooker 🙂
Pancake pan.
Wooden Spatula.
Cutting board.
Here is the recipe, step by step. Just like a photo story. It's a simple recipe, so no need to make it complicated.  🙂
Wash the spinach leaves and parsely. Cut your mushrooms and Tofu into slices. 

Galette Bretonne : Step 1

Preheat your frying pan, to check if your frying pan is hot enough, wet your fingers and let a few drops drip onto the pan. If they sizzle than your pan is hot enough. Place the crêpe flat onto the pan. It doesn't matter if the crêpe is larger as the galette is being cooked it will be folded over.  

Galette Bretonne : Step 2

Add the spinach leaves to the center of the galette in a rectangular space. 

Galette Bretonne : Step 3

Add the slices of mushrooms on top.

Galette Bretonne : Step 4

Add the slices of Tofu and parsley.

Galette Bretonne : Step 5

Fold over the edges, add a drizzle of olive oil and mixed herbs. Cover with a lid, and cook for a few minutes. I prefer to use a lid to steam cook the ingredients and lock in the mixture of flavors. Voilà! It's as simple as that! 

Galette Bretonne : Step 6 : Enjoy !

The list of possibilities is endless and limited only by your imagination. You can use so many different ingredients to add to these galettes. I look forward to reading your remakes of this recipe. I'll add more recipes as I make them. 
Bon appétit!


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