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Vegan recipe: Easy Strawberry Tiramisu.

The must-have recipe in Italian cuisine. A Tiramisu. Here is my vegan version, believe me, you are going to love it! Hi everyone, You guys all know how crazy I am about Italian food. Pizzas, bruschettas, gnocchi etc.Cliquez ici pour le version français You can often see different varieties of this type of recipe on my Instagram account. But I rarely make desserts, as I am not really a dessert person. Last week, the girls came round for supper, I decided to whip up an Italian menu for the evening. Who is not surprised? LOL   So I went looking for an Italian dessert and then I went about looking at how I could veganise it. Using different ideas and tips from here and there, here you will find my mix of all of that.  Tiramisu was one of my favourite desserts "before" and it's now back on the list. It's really quick to make and very handy to make in advance. The only thing that you need to take into account is the fact that you will need to soak the cashew nuts the nigh…

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