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Vegan recipe: Winter salad with Kale and a maple syrup seasoning.

Such a  pleasure  to  use  seasonal fruits for a delicious winter salad.  Kale is one of the " super  foods", that before  becoming   vegan  that I had never  even   heard of !  It's one of my unknown veggies that I read about in the very beginning.   La version française est ici . Did  you   know  that those adorable green leaves are  very  rich in  proteins ,  fibers ,  vitamin A , B, C and K, fatty acids,  omega-3 , iron, potassium,  calcium , zinc and  lutein!   You  have to  admit ,  thats  a  lot  for some green leaves!   You  can  understand  why it's  called  a " super  food. " So  without further ado,  let 's  get  some kale!  Here is one of my first recipes to  help   you   discover  this  wonderful  vegetable that  you  can no longer neglect. Winter salad with kale and the most amazing homemade vinaigrette that  you  have ever tasted! Ingredients   (for one  person ) : 2   leaves  of kale. 1  Apple 1  tbs of cranberries 1  tbs of

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