Running: Madagazelle 2017 Charity Run for education


Time for my next adventure with the association "Bretagne Outdoor" and the second season of the Madagazelle charity run.

From the 10th to the 21st of July the  Madagazelle 2017 race will be taking place on the Island of Nosy Be, Madagascar the surrounding islands. I will be adding to this page every day, so please do check back to get the latest news. I will be posting about my preparations and the trip itself as I get Wifi connexion.

First step: My suitcases.

This morning, I'm getting my suitcases ready.  Leaving with as little as possible but at the same time being sure that I have everything that I need! 🙂
This is what I will be bringing with me on the trip.
Solid shampoo from Bulbul de Bourbon. I first discovered this shampoo during my first to trip Madagascar last year. These shampoos are made on the island of the Reunion. I bought my one at the airport, and have been using their brand ever since. 
5 senses Hair & Body Oil by Rene Furtherer. This is my first time to buy this oil. I got it at my local hairdressers Crea Coiffure in Niort
Arnica oil by Weleda. One of my must have products since I have started running. I use it before any race on my knees and on my ankles. Better being safe than sorry as they say.
Sun screen by Neals Yard Remedies. This will be my first time to use this cream, So I'll let you know how I get on after the trip.
After sun spray by Neals Yard Remedies. A Must have! I am very careful with my skin and the sun, but when I'm on holidays there is always one day that I get caught out. This is refreshing and calming. Which means it's easier to sleep.
Mascara by Neas Yard Remedies. I always have this mascara with me, it's always in my handbag, I don't go anywhere without it. I love the NYR products, as they are not tested on animals and that is very important to me. 
Alep Soap by Alepia. I had already bought a similar soap last year and I do use Alep soap at home anyway. But whilst on a trip, it can not only be used as a soap but also for washing clothes. During the trip we will be washing our clothes every day to avoid bringing too many clothes. 
Toothbrush by My Boo Company. Bamboo Toothbrush made in Nantes, France.
Wooden comb by Tek, I bought mine on the Greenweez store. This is also one of my must haves, I always have it in my bag. The majority of the time, I don't actually brush or comb my hair, I use my fingers, but when I need to do braids, you can't go wrong with this.
Solid toothpaste by Pachamamai. I have been using this one for a month now, I used to use the one from Lamazuna, but I prefer the taste of this one and it's also easier to carry anywhere.
Anti-mosquitoes bracelet by Parakito. This is my first time to buy this so I will let you know how I get on.
Anti-mosquitoes body milk by Homeopharma. I found this in a special store in the center of Hell Ville the capital of Nosy Be. It is made in Madagascar and it really works. Bought myself two bottles last year. I used it everyday during my trip, after my shower in the evening. It's lovely and refreshing and keeps Mosquitoes at bay. It contains essential oils, mainly cirtonella, which even just the fragrance reminds me of so many memories from last years trip.
Anti-mosquitoes spray Cinq sur Cinq. Bought the same one last year too, and bought it again. I used this to spray the bed sheets and the mosquito net. This year I sure am leaving prepared!🙂
Essential oils Roll-ons by Neals Yard Remedies, travel for before and during flight stress, relaxation to wind down in the evening after the race, night-time to get a good nights sleep and Energy to get up and get going again the next day! 🙂 One of my favorite must-haves that are also always in my handbag. so handy to carry around and to use.
I would just like to point out that I am not sponsored in any way for the post. I am just sharing with you what I am taking with me on my trip. 🙂  Hoping that the information I am sharing with you today will help you make a choice for your own beauty products for your own holidays.  I will put up as many links as possible to avoid you a lot of research time that I have already done.
Hope you find it interesting and helpful. Would love to hear what you think, le me know in the comments below, what are your favorite travel must haves?.


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