La Rochelle : La Dame de Trèfle with a beautiful view of the port.

We set off to discover the "La Dame de Trefle" that was recommended to us by the Touris Office.

Lire la version française ici.

We went to La Rochelle to see a Photo Exhibition that was organized by students called "La Rochelle Américaine", the theme was La Rochelle and it's twin city New Rochelle near New York in the US. The exhibition was held at La Porte Maubec, a beautifully renovated room, that was just perfect for the exhibit. 
I still have some vegan restaurants on my list to visit but they are closed on a Sunday so we went to the Tourist office for information. ( l’office de Tourisme ) We asked for a restaurant that has either, vegan, vegetarian or organic meals. Knowing that most of the organic food restaurants use fresh produce and that they normally don't have trouble whipping me up a "Surprise salad" as I call it. 

Restaurant La Dame de Tréfle – Façade

Situated under the Arches at "Cours des Dames", we were lucky to get a table on the terrasse, in the sun, but sheltered from the wind.

When you arrive from the port side, you can't see the façade but I noticed straight away the windowed terrasse. 

Table in the sun, sheltered from the wind.
The view of the port is so pretty. We arrived just after midday, it had been raining that morning, so there were few people out and about, so we had a clear view of the towers. So lucky to have such a beautiful blue sky, after a week of snow and temperatures below zero in Deux Sevres. It was perfect! 

The view from our table.
The restaurant works with local producers. Most of their ingredients are seasonal organic products. Before sitting down we checked the menu and to my surprise, they even had a vegetarian meal available. 

Apéritif – Organic white wine - Sauvignon.
Before having lunch, I chose a glass of white organic wine: Marigny Neuf Sauvignon IGP Haut-Poitou. Served with olives (They were so delicious.)
For the main course, I chose the vegetarian stir-fry, with Chinese noodles and locally grown vegetables. It was amazingly delicious, perfectly cooked. The cooking juice was so tasty, I even wiped my plate clean with some fresh bread!  ( When it's good, you don't waste a drop.)

 Vegetarian Stir Fry
For dessert, the Chef whipped me up a fruit salad, with apples, kiwis, and pink grapefruit.  It was nice and fresh and ever so tasty.

Salade de fruits
To finish off the meal, I asked for some tea, as I always do. Honestly, what is better than relaxing and digesting your meal in the sun with a beautiful view?  My kind of Sunday!

L’heure du thé
This restaurant is definitely not a tourist trap, the waiters are ever so nice and we were quickly served. If you come on a rainy day, there is a panoramic view from there room upstairs. We highly recommend this restaurant. Hope you enjoy it.
Bon appétit !


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